Nanostructured materials and microstructure

This research laboratory is part of the Institute of Materials Science of Seville and conducts both applied and fundamental research. The research activities of this lab have has
Broad objectives:
New procedures to improve the control of the micro- and nanostructure of materials.
Microstructural and chemical characterization in the nanoscale to understand the behaviour of materials.

Specific objectives:
Development of nanostructured and nanocomposite coatings for mechanical, tribological and protective applications.
Development of new nanomaterials and processes for sustainable energy systems and protection of the environment: H2 production and storage.
Chemical functionalization of noble metal nanoparticles. Hybrid organic-inorganic gold nanoparticles. Study of interaction of electromagnetic fields (kHz-GHz) with NPs (hiperthermia).

Specific advantages:
Very well positioned in the magnetron sputtering technology for deposition of nanostructured coatings for mechanical, tribological and protective applications.
Very well positioned in the physical and chemical approach synthesis methodologies of nanostructured materials like sol-gel, colloidal synthesis and gas phase condensation.
A multidisciplinary approach combining chemists, physicist and materials engineers. Experimental approach complemented by the incorporation of simulation and modelling. Strong simulation capabilities for mechanical properties of nanostructured materials.
Strong experience in high resolution microscopies: Atomic force, transmission and scanning electron microscopies. Understanding of nanomaterials processes by controlling and determining the microstructure. Multitechnique approach (XPS, XAS, TEM/EELS, XRD). Line with strong participation in European projects