The AL-NANOFUNC project has been designed to install and fully develop at the Materials Science Institute of Seville (ICMS, CSIC-Univ.Seville) an advanced laboratory for the Nano-analysis of novel functional materials.
Advanced Nanoscopy facilities, based on latest generation electron microscopy equipments, will be devoted to breakthrough research in specific topics of high interest:
i) Nanomaterials for sustainable energy applications;
ii) protective and multifunctional thin film and nanostructured coatings;
iii) nanostructured photonic materials and sensors.
To take the ICMS laboratories to a leading position that is competitive in a world-wide scenario, the AL-NANOFUNC project is contemplated to up-grade the actual research potential in several directions:
i) improve equipment capabilities regarding the Analytical High Resolution Electron Microscopy facilities;
ii) improve the impact and excellence of basic research through hiring of experienced researchers and transnational exchange with the reference centers in Europe;
iii) develop and improve the innovation potential of the ICMS’s research by opening the new facilities to companies and stakeholders;
iv) organize workshops and conferences, dissemination and take-up activities to improve research visibility.
Financed by Supporting Institutions